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Hafer’s Gunsmithing is your one stop gun shop for all your firearm needs in the tri-state area! We buy, sell, trade, consign, repair & customize all firearms including NFA/CLASS III.

Since 2000 Hafer’s Gunsmithing has the finest custom guns and repairs with the utmost attention to detail and precision through their training, knowledge, and experience.  We prove our commitment to our customers each and every day.

Whether its your first firearm purchase, a custom gun of a lifetime, NFA/Class III, or advancing your firearms education, Team Hafer can provide you with what you need.  We are trained, knowledgeable and experienced which sets us above the rest!

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AR Owner

Thank you Tim, for the custom upper and the Geissele trigger job. I took it to the range and Wow! If anyone is looking for a custom gunsmith Tim is the man! Again, thank you.

Jim McWilliams

Proud Father and Happy Daughter

We just returned from another Montana Deer hunt. Tess killed her second Mule deer this year. A 300 yard shot taking the top of the heart off. An Impressive shot. Tess’s shooting ability and the custom rifle are an excellent match.  Tim, take pride in your work and rifle set up as this is a winner. I now plan to work with Tess in competition shooting. Your satisfied customer and proud Dad.

Wayne B.

Tom, 780 yard Elk

Thanks to Tim and the crew at Hafer's Gunsmithing for building my long range hunting rifle. I was able to kill this elk with one shot at 780 years. For all your guns, ammo and gunsmithing needs talk the crew at Hafer's Gunsmithing.


Thanks again!!

Another Happy Customer

When it comes to accuracy and reliable Tim Hafer knows what to do! Couldn't be happier with the outcome of my 300 RUM and multiple other guns he has done for me. Nothing like knowing exactly where every shot is gonna go and Tim can make that happen. He has made this hunt and many more a success. His shop and staff are amazing. I have always had great service there and I recommend everyone to check it out!