Hafer’s Services


Hafer’s is a full service firearms dealer.

  • 07 FFL for sales and manufacturing
  • 02 SOT for NFA sales, service, and manufacturing
  • In-store and internet transfers of firearms
  • Maryland regulated firearms license

Class 3:

  • Hard card fingerprinting available on site
  • Passport photos available on site
  • We’re your Class 3 Easy Button, helping you complete your application, photographs, fingerprints and it’s ready to mail when you leave.  The hardest part for you is choosing from our massive inventory!
  • Class 3 transfer fee $100 if purchased elsewhere

Our transfer policy is as follows:

  • Pistols/Maryland-regulated firearms $55.00
    • Does not include M.S.P fee
    • It is your responsibility to make sure your firearm is Maryland approved.  Call with questions, we are here to help!
    • No firearm is transferred with anything more than a 10 round magazine
  • Long gun (non-regulated) $45.00

We supply our license for the seller of legal firearms.  We receive your firearm and open for verification of serial number.  However, we do not inspect your firearm unless you require that service at an additional fee.  Any defects or faults with firearms transferred are to be handled solely between the buyer and seller, the transfer fee is still due at time of intake.  We contact the purchaser and complete all required federal and state background checks.

All local, state and federal laws apply. Above prices are for cash only. Prices subject to change without notice.

Hard Card & Livescan Fingerprinting

Hafer’s now offers hard card and livescan fingerprinting during normal business hours.  Cards are $25/card.  Livescan fingerpints are $75.


Hafer’s professional staff have been trained by some of the lead law enforcement agencies across the country including, but not limited to, the NRA, Maryland Correction & Police Training Commission, Maryland State Police, FBI, DEA, ATF, and Maryland DNR.

Whether you are new to firearms or an experienced shooter, we have firearms education for you!  Maryland HQL, CCW, NRA basic pistol and one on one training available.

Please visit our Info page to see upcoming Class Schedules or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Hafersgunsmithing/.

Our Credentials Include:
    • Certified Maryland Hunter Safety Education Senior Instructor
    • Certified Maryland Bowhunter Education Instructor
    • Certified Maryland Muzzleloader Education Instructor
    • Certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
    • NRA Pistol Instructor
    • NRA Shotgun Instructor
  • NRA Rifle Instructor


Hafer’s on-site gunsmiths are trained, knowledgeable and experienced professionals; second to none that you can trust!

With over 80 years of combined experience in the areas of gunsmithing, woodworking, machining, welding and factory armoring, our certified gunsmiths are unique and specialized in the firearms world.  Our team brings meticulous detail, precision and accuracy to our work.

    • Factory trained armorer by Remington, Colt, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Glock, IWI and Sig Sauer
    • Certified machinist
    • Certified welder
    • Cerakote finishes
    • Certified KDF installer
    • Barrel threading, crowning, lapping, chambering
    • Trigger work/tune and installs
    • Custom machining and welding
    • Choke installation and removal
    • Accurizing rifles, handguns & muzzleloaders
    • Drilling & tapping, sight installs
    • Tactical accessory installs
    • Fire restorations
    • Stock modifications, bedding, pillars, floating & finishing
  • Specialty work
  • Machine and make factory parts


We offer a full line of all reloading products from Dillon, RCBS, Hornady, Lyman, Forrester and plenty more.

We offer free press setup with any new reloading press purchased from Hafer’s.  Further reloading education is one on one with our reloading specialist for an additional fee.