Customer Feedback!

Steven B: Welcomed My Teenage Daughter with Open Arms! (3/24/19)

Staff has always been more than helpful and knowledgeable. They have welcomed my teenage daughter with open arms and have helped turn a very shy girl (when it came to the shooting sports) into a accomplished hunter (Thanks Bob) and Competion shooter. Special thanks to Tim, Andy, Rebecca and Bob. You won’t be disappointed!

Pat H: Just About Anything You Can Want From a Gun Shop  (3/14/19)

This is just a fun place to visit. I’ve been going here for years. Just about anything you can want from a gun shop.

William D: Always a Great Experience!  (3/7/19)

Always a great experience! The “team” at Hafer’s is knowledgeable, professional and able to attend to all your “Gunsmithing” needs! And if you haven’t checked out their inventory lately, you’ve got to make the trip. You’ll be glad you did!

Craig: When You Walk In…WOW!  (1/21/19)

Every time I go into Hafers I am treated like a friend. That says a lot to me. I hate going into a place, and we have all had this experience, where getting someone to talk to you is like pulling teeth and when they do answer its like you are bothering them, especially your first time there. I can remember my first visit actually where without even trying I was greeted by every staff member! That does not happen in many places at all.
I am a C&R 03 FFL and I cant wait to visit and see what 50 year plus firearms they routinely aquire to provide to customers like me that have small family collections of firearms and gear used in the great and and small struggles around the world. It is a way of providing a living, working set of firearms carried into battle by courageous men and women that changed history. We provide these firearms for the public and service members to fire at range days and they always come away with a respect for the people that carried these into battle!
What sold me is the first time I walked in I was treated like I had been going there for years.
They are very knowledgeable and offer an expert gunsmithing service.
I am a retired LEO (SpcOps, Major Crimes/Fugitive Unit, SERT team, police instructor, gear/firearm evaluator, detective) NRA Instructor and RSO and still shoot and compete as often as I can and I really enjoy going here. Seriously, try them and you will see. I rarely give a glowing report on a place but I really do enjoy going to Hafer’s. Its the way things used to be. I am going there again very soon to actually look at finding a rifle for my son, a US Marine Sgt, as a gift for returning from another long deployment and can come home for only a short time.
If they do not have it, Hafers can find or build that firearm that you keep for a lifetime and pass down the family line.
Again, this sounds like an ad instead of a review BUT I would not give a great review if the selection and service were not absolutely top notch. When I retired from my police career, I seriously happened on Hafers pretty much accidentally. I saw their ad along with the big chain stores and such and one day was driving by, passed it, and just HAD to turn around and stop in. The exterior is nice and unassuming but when you walk in WOW! Its not like other places where nearly everything is behind the counter or locked up, as I said before, this place is welcoming and you walk through rows of firearms, ammo and gear. Yes, there are more “behind the counter” BUT you are always envited to step back there to look at MORE rows of rifles and shotguns arranged for easy viewing and taking them down to check them out. The display cases are FULL of new and preowned handguns just waiting for you. It is a real sportsmans and shooters place.
I am now looking for a another small ccw pistol AND some older C&R rifles which they always have a great variety of as well as the amazing modern stuff. As I said about ammo prices there also are about the best around, not only for a full service shop but I find ammo cheaper than W…..t!😊 Its nice to have a small collection but you need to feed them too!
Anyway, stop in or give them a call!

Scott M: People Are Wonderful and Very Helpful (1/9/19)

Great place with awesome selection. The people are wonderful and very helpful. They helped me a lot when I was getting set up to do reloading.

Dave M: We Are Customers Forever (1/10/19)

Outstanding knowledge and service each and every time. If your thinking about purchasing anything firearm related you owe it to yourself to stop in and talk with the staff. Be prepared because your about to become one of the family.. We are customers forever.. Irene and Dave

Rob H: Family Owned and Run (1/4/19)

Great place. Family owned and run. They were fantastic helping my wife pick out a pistol.

Mike B: Fair Trade (12/10/18)

Got a fair trade on for my Sig-Saur 380 for a Sig-Saur 320- 9, which included the larger magazines, as a retired Law Enforcement Officer. Later I brought a 22 cal rifle for groundhogs, at a very reasonable price. I will continue to buy from Hafer’s in the future.

Charlotte G:  Took The Time to Answer Questions (12/4/18)

Wonderful experience!! Everyone was knowledgeable, professional, and took the time to answer questions and explain in detail.

Patricia C:  Training is Awesome at All Levels (12/4/18)

Great experience with the team at Hafer’s. They are knowledgeable about firearms and have very competitive pricing. Training is awesome for all levels. Highly recommend this place!

Scott W:  Tim’s Team Will Go Above and Beyond (11/30/18)

The wife and I have been customers of Hafer’s for years! Great selection and Tim’s team will go above and beyond for their customers.

Wendy L: You Will Not Leave Disappointed (11/19/18)

This shop is awesome and you will not leave disappointed.

Jeffrey S: They Have Earned My Respect (11/18/18)

Every time I have dealt with with them, I have always been treated great and they have earned my respect and I will always be a customer.

Charles S: Great Gunsmith (11/16/18)

Great Gunsmith, Exceptional staff that helps you purchase your guns!!!

Joseph D: She Really Knows Her Firearms (11/13/18)

I recently purchased my first hand gun and the female was so professional and easy to deal with that I have also purchased my second hand gun, she really knows her fire arms and matched me perfectly to my needs.

Den A: Sound Advice (10/29/18)

Hafer’s has a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. The store is well stocked and has a wide selection of firearms and related products. The staff has always provided me with sound advice along with good explanations and opinions and options on products that I may be interested in purchasing.

Stephen S: I Will Always Get My Guns From Hafer’s (10/19/18)

I got 2 G35’s a gen3 and a gen4 I love both of them. The people are very knowledgeable and really friendly. I will always get my guns from Hafer’s.

John L: Simply a Great Experience (9/20/18)

Highly knowledgeable, extremely professional along with a great selection and fair and honest pricing. Simply a great experience! Whether you are highly skilled and experienced or a beginner you can’t go wrong.

Carole M: Fair and Honest Pricing (9/18/18)

I have purchased several guns from Hafer,s & I couldn’t be happier! Fair & honest pricing is just one reason I deal with them. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly & goes above and beyond to see that their customers are happy. I would highly recommend!

Gerrie P: Friendly and Knowledgeable (Posted 9/9/18)

Great, friendly service with knowledgeable staff would recommend anyone to them.

Daniel S: I drive 20 miles passing a dozen gun shops on the way to shop there (Posted 9/4/18)

Great place. Found it while driving through one day. Now I drive 20 miles passing a dozen gun shops on the way to shop there. They are straight forward. They don’t push opinions like some places when you want something different then most people. They just sell good products. I come to spend money on what I want to buy and not someones unrequested opinion. Hafer’s rocks. They ask you one time if they can help you find something and get it for you or order it.  Best experience shopping at a gun store. I requested an uncommon item.  They gave me a decent price but said it would have to be located. I got a call back 8 days later. They found it after two other shops said the item is rare and I would have to just check back. This is a good place to get what you need at a decent price.

Thomas A: Absolutely Great Experience (Posted 8/15/18)

“Extremely knowledgeable individuals..

Absolutely great experience all around. The staff at Hafer’s went above and beyond to go out of their way to help me, and put me in the right direction to obtain everything properly. Thanks Hafer’s !”

Tom, 780 yard Elk

Thanks to Tim and the crew at Hafer’s Gunsmithing for building my long range hunting rifle. I was able to kill this elk with one shot at 780 years. For all your guns, ammo and gunsmithing needs talk the crew at Hafer’s Gunsmithing.

Thanks again!!


Proud Father and Happy Daughter

We just returned from another Montana Deer hunt. Tess killed her second Mule deer this year. A 300 yard shot taking the top of the heart off. An Impressive shot. Tess’s shooting ability and the custom rifle are an excellent match.

It gets better. Our guide was impressed with Tess’s calm performance under pressure. He wanted to see her shoot some more. He placed a 12 ounce water bottle at 330 yards in the open range. Tess shot and burst the bottle. When returning to camp our Guide organized a shooting competition with the guides and the hunters. This competition involved 3 guides shooting their custom coyote rigs with night force scopes etc and the hunters with custom 300 ultra mags etc.

Poker playing cards were put at 300 yards, shooting off the bench or prone. Tess beat all the men, shooting 2 aces and a king.  They all admired here calm demeanor. She was gracious with the win.

Tim, take pride in your work and rifle set up as this is a winner. I now plan to work with Tess in competition shooting.

Your satisfied customer and proud Dad

Wayne B.